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"Free Your Mind Projects" Radio Show featuring Daniel B. Fisher on Gun Violence, Mental Health, and Emotional CPR

Dr. Fisher discusses his personal story of recovery and Emotional CPR. Click here to listen to the show (streaming audio, 56 minutes). Click here for complete description of the show. (PDF, 88KB, 2 pages)

Danial B. Fisher quoted in May 16, 2016 Mental Health Weekly article

In the article titled "NYT debate on treatment needs for people with MI elicits field response", Dan advocates the use of Emotional CPR to reduce hospitalization. He states, "We need a system of care that restores confidence and hope--that's a very important facet" Dan's comments appear on page 3 "Promoting Recovery". Click to view/download (PDF, 234KB, 8 pages)

Asheville event focuses on mental health

The Asheville Citizen Times covers a recent Emotional CPR (eCPR) training sponsored by Motherbear CAN, and NEC executive director Daniel B. Fisher's story. Click here for the complete article.


Lauren SpiroeCPR (Emotional CPR): A Tool & a Process of Peacemaking

Lauren Spiro | April 4, 2013

A few months ago I had the great honor of speaking with Kofi Annan, former secretary general of the United Nations, after a talk he had given locally here in Washington, DC. We spoke about eCPR and there was a moment that I will remember for the rest of my life. He looked deep into my eyes and said, “We are in the same line of work. We are peacemakers.” It was a profound statement that inspired me to think more about eCPR as a tool of peacemaking. Click to read the full article at the Mad In America blog

NJ reflects on their experience with an eCPR training

"Our agency recently conducted a 2-day training on a support model known as eCPR. The article below starts with one attendee’s longer write-up on the training, and then adds some thoughts offered by her fellow students. We are excited by the optimism displayed by the various students, and by the breadth of observations the contributors made."

Observations by participants - Laura Yudof , Jen Cohn, Irene Sanborn, and Jeanette Ellis - NJ reflects on their experience with an eCPR training (PDF, 3 pages, 132KB)

eCPR, Singapore, and Synthesis

By Sam Ahrens, eCPR trainer

In October 2012, twenty-five people participated in a four-day eCPR facilitation training in Singapore. The training was funded by Singapore's Association for Integrated Care and organized and sponsored by the Singapore Association of Mental Health in connection with Word Mental Health Day. The training was conducted by Daniel Fisher, Sam Ahrens, co-trainer , and by Jenny Speed, Sharon Stocker and Vinay Nair, apprentice facilitators from Australia.

This document summarizes highlights from a 2012 eCPR training in Singapore and includes quotes/reflections from participants. Click here to read the article. (PDF, 58KB, 3 pages)

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