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There are a variety of eCPR trainings both virtual and in-person in Australia. For upcoming training events, please go to our Emotional CPR-Australia Facebook page and ‘like us’ at We are pleased to have a growing number of eCPR trainers in Australia. See some of them on the trainers page:

For an introduction to eCPR by Dr Daniel Fisher see -

Recent eCPR virtual trainings in Australia

Australia eCPR training 

Australia eCPR training

eCPR, Singapore, and Synthesis

By Sam Ahrens, eCPR trainer
This document summarizes highlights from a 2012 eCPR training in Singapore and includes quotes/reflections from participants. Click here to read the article. (PDF, 58KB, 3 pages)


Role play of eCPR by Sam Ahrens and Dan Fisher, in Singapore March 12, 2013

This role play illustrates how when the supporter gets into the present moment, and simulates the movement a person is making, it becomes possible to help both the supporter and the person in distress to find the words that help them describe their distressing feeling, which begins the empowerment process.

eCPR training by Jenny Speed - #1

eCPR training by Jenny Speed - #2

eCPR Singapore - March 2013

eCPR Singapore - March 2013
Pictured are 20 facilitators who completed the 4-day facilitator course and the 7 co-facilitators from our previous class who are now certified to train others in eCPR.

eCPR Singapore - October 2012

Dr Daniel Fisher with co-trainer Ms Sam Ahrens, conducted the Emotional CPR (eCPR) Train the Facilitator Workshop in Singapore (east Asia) assisted by three facilitators from Australia – Jenny Speed, Sharon Stocker and Vinay Nair from Oct 2 to 5, 2012. Click here to read more (PDF, 1.8MB, 16 pages)

Singapore - October 2012
Back Row L-R: Lee Chal, Dwight, Jullus, Arlene, Kelvin, Rajeswari, Sharon, Sam, Yen Sing, Jenny, Koh, Mln, Choon Ming, Nicole, and Kate
Front Row L-R: Shu Rong, Cella, Lynn, Jinghang, Daniel, Vinay, Rebecca, and Danlin
Missing: Shirley, Ruth, Yoke, Jason, Mandy, Wan Ing, Wilson, and Asley

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