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Let Me Cry

Micheline Mason | April 2007

I have just come into the world     And I need to cry     I need to cry long and loud     I need to recover from my journey here     Struggles you will never know     I need to howl and scream     Not for what is ahead     Or for what is now     But for all that was behind     I entered a world full of history     Broken hearts, forgotten dreams,    Fights, pain, loss and damage     Fears and disappointments     I can see them in your eyes     Behind the love     The legacy of misguided actions,     Oppression, suppression and war     Unhealed and passed on intact     From one generation to the next     And so on down the line     I see it in your eyes     And if I am not to have to look away     Let me cry for us all     Don’t try to stop me     Like you were stopped     With dummies and distractions,     Shouts and threats     Shakes and violence     Until the fear of your reaction     Teaches me to crush myself     Into a silent ball of pain     This pain will poison my mind     Chill my heart     Block out the present     Make me ill     Stop me thinking     Make me afraid     Of my own feelings     Leaving me small and impaled     Condemned to eternally search for a     Someone Who knows I need to cry     If you let me cry,     Stay with me and welcome my tears     I can dissolve a thousand years of grief     Keep ownership of my mind     Notice the love still in your eyes     The gentleness of your touch     Your efforts to remain close     Your hope reborn with me     I will feel the joy of living     In a breathtaking world of beauty     Amongst peoples of awesome courage     Yearn to live each moment well     Holding nothing back     And when I become an adult     And you yourself are in need     I will be able to hold you     Whilst you cry     Remind you of your goodness     Thank you for all you have done     Forgive your imperfections     Caress your aged body     Look deep into your eyes     Be still and quiet     Beside you and with you     For as long as you need me to     I will let you cry

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