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New!eCPR Participant WorkbookEmotional CPR (eCPR) Participant Workbook

This workbook was developed for the eCPR certification training and provides a thoughtful discussion of the values of eCPR, the features of dialogue, and the primary components of eCPR: C = Connection, P = emPowering, and R = Revitalizing. Other sections include how to prepare oneself to provide eCPR as well as tips for self-care. The workbook is filled with inspiring quotes, real-life examples of embodying the practice of eCPR, sample instructions for role plays, and other exercises. The workbook is designed for anyone who may encounter a person in emotional crisis - law enforcement, mental health peers, mental health providers, family members, and others. Click here to purchase the workbook

eCPR Webinar

Click here to watch this informative webinar which describes the fundamental concepts of Emotional CPR.
Click here to view the PowerPoint presentation
PowerPoint presentation as a PDF (841KB, 36 pages)
Click here to listen to or download an audio file of the webinar (82.3MB)

eCPR Presentation

PDF of a PowerPoint Presentation [ English version (258KB, 30 pages) ] [ Spanish version (676KB, 18 pages) ]

Table Comparing eCPR Approach and Conventional Approach

[ English version (PowerPoint, 2 slides, 81KB) ] [ Spanish version (PDF, 1 page, 37KB) ]

eCPR Fact Sheet

[ English version (PDF, 2 pages, 355KB) ] [ Spanish version 2 pages, 255KB) ]

eCPR Fact Sheet #2: Proficiencies 

[ English version (PDF, 2 pages, 224KB) ] [ Spanish version (PDF, 2 pages, 203KB) ]

Emotional CPR Pocket-Sized Brochure

Emotional CPR Pocket-Sized Brochure (PDF, 2 pages, 258KB)

eCPR - 8 1/2 x 14 Full-color Poster

Explains the basic principles of eCPR (PDF, 1 page, 809KB)

Sample eCPR Flyer

If you are hosting an eCPR training in your community, please feel free to use this flyer and customize it for your training. (Word doc., 1 page, 50KB)

Emotional CPR and Law Enforcement

Building Partnerships, Strengthening Communities: Mental Health Consumer/Survivors & Law Enforcement

PowerPoint Presentation by A. Elaine Slaton, Lauren Spiro, and Mike Sullivan (1.59MB, 22 pages)

Emotional CPR Law Enforcement Fact Sheet

[ English version (PDF, 1 page, 116KB) ] [ Spanish version (PDF, 1 page, 116KB) ]

Building Bridges with eCPR: Law Enforcement and MH C/S Commuinity

Building Bridges with eCPR: Law Enforcement and MH C/S Community (CITI 2011) (PowerPoint, 2.85MB)

Helpful Articles

The Danger and Opportunity in Crisis: Being with a Person Rather than Treating an Illness, by Deborah (Whittle) Trueheart (PDF, 78KB, 4 pages)

Responding to Emotional Crisis, by Deborah (Whittle) Trueheart (PDF, 108KB, 4 pages)

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