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An Introduction to Emotional CPR (eCPR)


Veterinarians Find Emotional CPR Helpful

The University of Tennessee Veterinary Social Work program is now training students in Emotional CPR. The program sees Emotional CPR as helpful in many ways, both to the veterinarians and their clients. Veterinarians have a high stress and emotionally difficult job as detailed in this recent article that highlights the elevated suicide rates among veterinarians. The bond between pets and owners is like family, and veterinarians have to support not only the pet, but also their owners. Animal lovers themselves, veterinarians see a lot of sickness and death and often end up in the role of grief counselor when pets die. Emotional CPR is not only helping veterinarians connect with their clients' emotions, but it is also helping them to connect with their own emotions and support each other around this difficult work.

Dr Elizabeth Strand at the University of Tennessee Veterinary Social Work program describes Emotional CPR

Joanna Robson, a veterinarian shares her experience with eCPR OCT, 2019


What is eCPR?

Emotional CPR Webinar - An Introduction to Assisting Others Through Emotional Crisis

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PowerPoint presentation as a PDF (841KB, 36 pages)

Click here to listen to or download an audio file of the webinar (82.3MB)

Emotional CPR Webinar: Saving Lives, Healing Communities (April 9, 2013)


Daniel Fisher gives an overview of eCPR for a Recovery Forum in Japan, Sept.,2020


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