Janet WongI think Emotional CPR can benefit me greatly as a mother, a daughter, a wife, a neighbor, a friend, and generally as a compassionate human being. If we could all just take the time to be aware and connect with the feelings of those around us, especially people who might be experiencing some form of crisis be it small or large, we can potentially help others have a happier and healthier life.

As a parent, eCPR will help me connect better with my own children, instead of just asking why they have not done certain things or telling them what exactly they needed to do, I will instead try to talk with them on a more personal nonjudgmental level to understand what might have happened to them throughout the day and their general wellbeing and feelings, and then encourage them to come up with their own ways that they believe to be helpful to achieve what they need to accomplish or resolve the problems at hand.

Children turns into teenagers and then to young adults and later adults of this society, it is very important to treat their feelings with the same respect that you would with others, they might be even more sensitive and vulnerable but not knowing how to express those feelings in the right words, so we truly need to listen attentively and not talk down to them and scare them from opening up and connecting with us, it is crucial because if they can build that trust as young children and know how to connect with others during times of crisis, they can be better mentally prepared for the emotional challenges of the real world as teenagers and adults.

The Parent eCPR training was an eye-opening and immensely valuable experience for me. The parents and trainers I had the pleasure to meet during those 3 weeks were all extraordinary folks. Many of which are survivors of incredibly challenging life experiences but are very willing to open up and share their feelings and encounters with the group, which is applaudable and speaks to the comfortable and trusting environment the trainers were able to create for all the participants to connect heart-to-heart. Participants have a wonderful time connecting during the sessions and come out with a sense of being empowered with useful tools to better help ourselves and others around us through crisis.

I would certainly recommend this training to others I know. I believe this would be a useful life skill for the whole community to have. Our society just don’t listen enough, we’re often just passers-by and by-standers to other fellow human’s experiences, and when we do talk with each other we don’t truly know how to communicate, much less “seeing” and “feeling” the emotion another person is going through. Emotional CPR can help change that, to have this practice immersed into our culture and everyday life will be invaluable.

Emotional CPR will change how you handle difficult situations both for yourself and for helping others with crisis. You do not need to be a trained counseling or mental health professional to benefit from utilizing eCPR techniques to deepen day-to-day communications. You just have to be present and have the willingness to connect to your true inner feelings, respect the person in front of you and his/her/their experiences without imposing your own values and judgement during the joint exploration to find new hope and purpose. Give eCPR a try and you too will feel the difference 🙂